9 Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Looking New for Longer

Have you ever seen a ring and thought, “Oh my God, I need that”, and then proceeded to buy it? Then slowly your poor ring starts changing colours, or a stone falls out, and eventually it gets so tarnished that you can’t even wear it anymore. How did that even happen, you think. Well, next time you buy a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings, you might want to look out for these top 9 ways to keep your jewelry looking new for longer.

1. Avoid placing jewelry under water for continuous periods of time. 

Here and there, your jewelry may be exposed to water. You may be washing your hands with a ring on, or forget to take your earrings off before showering, but it won’t make a huge difference to most jewelry. Though, washing dishes with your rings on may not be a great idea. Removing your rings before washing your dishes will make an apparent difference in your jewelry. Also, removing jewelry before taking a shower or swimming is also a great idea. This will save your jewelry from discolouration and rust.

2. Keep your Jewelry in a container or pouch. 

Long exposure to oxygen will begin to have an effect on your jewelry. That is why at Liberty Hijab, all of our products are sent with a container or pouch to ensure your jewelry stays pristine for longer.

3. Last on, and First off

Putting your jewelry on after you have put on your clothes and are ready to go is a safe way of keeping jewelry in tact. Things like necklaces and earrings can get caught in clothes and break. The same goes for afterwards, take your jewelry off before changing to protect your jewelry from snagging. This way all of your jewels and gems will stay attached, and you won’t lose an earring!

4. No Moisture

Don’t put lotion or perfume on with jewelry. The occasional mistake won’t do much harm, but continued exposure to moisture will start to make jewelry appear brown and rusty.

5. No Jewelry Activities.

If you have played a sport, you have probably been told to not wear jewelry in case it breaks or ends up injuring you. If you know that wearing certain jewelry may affect your ability to participate in an activity, just remove it until you can put it back on again. It not only will protect your jewelry, but also you.

6. Put Silica Gel Packs in Your Jewelry Box

You may have received a package or product with a small paper pack of silica gel. You can actually keep those sachets and use them in your jewelry boxes to absorb moisture and help preserve your jewelry.

7. No Beaches 

Stones like opal and emerald are soft stones. They are very porous and absorb the salt in the air if you wear them at the beach. This can actually lead to your jewelry rotting from the inside out!

8. Give it a Break

If you have a piece of jewelry that you absolutely love, it is a good idea to try and keep it safe. Putting the jewelry in a pouch or box and only taking it out on a special occasion is going to work wonders for your jewelry. It will still have that sparkle and quality it did when you bought it!

9. Clear Nail Polish

Our last tip to keep your jewelry clean and new is to add clear nail polish onto the piece of jewelry. This works best on rings. Try to put a thin layer of nail polish over gems and stones to keep them sealed in and safe. The best thing about this trick is that you won’t even notice yourself that there is nail polish on your jewelry, because you won’t be able to see it!



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