Black Peel-Off Pore Face Mask


Black Peel-Off Pore Mask
Two Masks per pack
Removes black heads and white heads
Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth
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This Mask will extract pore clogging black heads and white heads from the skin. Simply open the package and apply the mask wherever you feel the need for a proper pore extraction (the nose and t-zone are recommend). Wait up to 30 minutes or until you feel the mask has set and gently peel off the mask. Any remnants can be wiped off by a clean, damp cloth.

Warning: This is a very strong mask and should be used with extreme care and caution. Avoid areas with heavy hair growth or peeling skin as this may cause discomfort and irritation. We recommend that a test area be chosen where there is less hair and is out of sight (like the inner arm or even the side of the foot) to make sure this product is safe and suitable for your skin type. User discretion is advised.


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